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Special Needs

We ara all a creature of God's hand, gave each of us a talent to live by it together in one society, So what is going to happen if he gave each one of us from what he has to the other person, will we all live happy, to pass our lives carefree on the earth.
Each one contribute with a share in defferent society and scientific jops and exists in every society a speacial group requir special adabtation to the enviroment in which they live as a result of their health status, which has a defect.
This adabtation does not come from their side but it responsibility is over the shoulders from their surround and pay attention to them. And because we belived that the human right whatever to learn and to give him a chances to live the way he choose, so the educators they have to offer all the ways which works to overcome the difficulties which the mentally handicapped face in all general fields and special in music from this point the idea of music education for people with special needs come.
This service we offer it in Kethara institute for free by host them three days a week,monday- wednesday- friday from 5 pm to 7 pm.
This goal starts since more than twenty years and continuous by the grace of God.


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